Save big as a VIP!

Ready to keep a little extra change in your pocket when buying crafting supplies? You can save 15% off every order with Miss Tracy Creates* as a member of Miss T’s VIPs Discount Program. If you’re always on the hunt for unique crafting supplies to add to your stash, this program is for you!

Miss T's VIPs Discount Program

Miss T's VIPs Discount Program

Miss T's VIPs Discount Program

Regular price $45.00

Become one of Miss T’s VIP’s and receive a 15% discount on all product purchases!  Sign up and let the savings begin. 

For only a $45 annual fee you get:

  • Receive a 15% discount - retail storewide anytime (sorry this does not apply to Miss Tracy Creates membership programs, t-shirts, workshops, and kit purchases.)
  •  Spend $300 annually to get your investment back!
  • After your purchase, check your email and confirm your subscription. Then watch for a CONGRATS email welcoming you to Miss T's VIP'S Club. You can activate your account there and will receive a special shopping code. 

*This offer does exclude t-shirts, workshops and kits purchases.

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How it Works:

1. Purchase the Membership

Purchase the Miss T's VIPs Discount Program membership first. We'll send you an email with all the details to activate your account and start saving with your membership perks!

2. Activate Your Account

Make sure you set up and activate your account! You will need to log in anytime you want to make a purchase using your Miss T's VIPs discount.

3. Start Shopping!

Once you've set up your account and logged in, you will be able to add your discount code at checkout and get 15% any qualifying purchases!


Nope! Once you join Miss T's VIPs Discount Program and activate your account, the 15% discount will be available on every retail order made of qualifying products as long as you stay an active member. 

Membership programs, workshops, and kit purchases are not eligible for the discount.

Remember, you need to be logged in for the discount code to be available for use at checkout!

With 15% savings, once you spend $300 annually you have your $45 investment back.

Plus, don’t forget more opportunities for early access to special sales and limited-time offers!

Once you sign up for Miss T's VIPs Discount Program you will be billed annually to remain a member until your membership is canceled.

You can cancel your membership at any time by logging in to your My Account page or by reaching out to Once you cancel, you will no longer have access to your membership discount.